Varigotti, ponente’s pearl

Sea, sand and ancient fishers' houses on the seashore: these are the ingredients that make the old Saracen village of Varigotti unique and absolutely unmistakable.
The ancient town with its pastel houses is the oldest part of the village and stands on the foot of one of the most beautiful promontories in the western part of the Ligurian coast. Painters, poets and writers from all times have been dazzled by the charme of this place. Camillo Sbarbaro wrote about Varigotti: "Residential Saracen who claim near the sand and palm; and an advance foretaste of Africa in this shimmering lime glass and air".
Mother Nature couldn't be more generous with this beautiful natural oasis: wonderful sea bottoms, crystalline waters, olive and lemon trees that stand between the gently colored houses. Varigotti enjoys a magnificent location and a climate among the mildest of all the West of Savona, thanks to the presence in the hinterland of the plateau of Manie which protects the entire coastal region of Varigotti from cold northerly winds.
A village connected to the sea as to the land and to its fruits. For this Ligurian man has striven to make  the most of the land by the traditional culture on the terraces commonly called "bands". 
During centuries small suburbs have arisen distributed between the coast and the hills nearby, making even more enchanting the landscape. Some examples are the small villages of Pino, Ca' die Mori, Kien, Isasco, La Selva.
Varigotti…. a whole world to be discovered!

What to see

The wonderful Saracen village; the old church of San Lorenzo; Punta Crena's park; "la spiaggetta"- the small beach; tiny villages like Pino, Kien, Ca' dei Mori, Isasco, La Selva;the plateau of Manie; and much more!


Our territory allows several sports and activities: mountain bike, windsurf, surf, climbing, skateboard, excursions, sailing, water-skiing, wakeboard, tennis, soccer, skating, volley ball and much more! The village of Finale Ligure has recently obtained a recognition as European Capital of Sports.

What to visit in the local area

Le Mànie

Final Borgo



Colletta di Castelbianco


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